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We are one of the leading Japanese used cars and parts suppliers. 

We always have a large selection of Japanese used cars and parts exporting to 90 countries with over 10 years of experience.

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How to Ship Used Cars and Parts?

We can prepare for you a 20 or 40ft container with
used cars, complete cars, half cuts, used engines, spare auto parts, even used tires.
Our sales staff will attend you with special care during all the negotiation process.

40ft container

The legal cargo weight limit for a 40ft container in Japan is of 26,000kg. It is the ideal container for loading 4 cars. The characteristics of this container size are as follow.

Tare weight

Payload capacity

Internal length

4,150 kg

26,330 kg

12.022 m

9,150 lbs

58,050 lbs

39.3 ft

Internal width

Internal height

Door opening height

2.352 m

2.7 m

2.585 m

WHY Used Cars and Parts
from BLESS?

Tested used cars and parts

Professional vehicle maintenance and a reliable grading system: buy your car with confidence.

Shipping used cars and parts to your country

Skilled and experienced shipping staff: receive your car without troubles to more than 300 destinations around the world.

Support in many languages with experienced staff

Multi-language assistance directly from Japan: it is easy to communicate with us.

Trust Inspection Certificate

Trust Company’s Inspection Certificate is an official document in English that certifies the results of our inspection of the vehicle.


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, We are only accepting payment through Bank Transfer for the payment of the car.
For the Auction security deposit, we are also accepting payments through paypal.

Our team is ready to support you in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese and Japanese)

All prices displayed are in USD (US Dollars)

After choosing your vehicle, you have two options to proceed.

  1. Make a direct “Free Inquiry” from our website and wait for a call/message form us.
  2. Send us an email at sales@bless.co.jp or send us a message on 『contact us』 with your best offer so we could start negotiation on the price.

If this is your first time buying a used car from Japan, We suggest that you first check with your local agent regarding the import tax and regulations.

If you are certain that the car you want can be imported to your country and accept full responsibility regarding the import regulations, Please send us an email with your best offer at sales@bless.co.jp 

After we have agreed on the price, we will be sending you a pro-forma invoice.

To pay this invoice, please proceed to you bank of choice and make a wire transfer, once you have completed the wire transfer at your bank, you will then receive a TT copy (Telegraphic Transfer Copy) as a proof of your remittance.

Please send this TT copy to us through email at sales@bless.co.jp so we could confirm your payment.

TT Copy or Telegraphic Transfer Copy is a document provided by the bank after making a wire transfer/remittance. This document serves as a proof of your remittance to us (the receiving party)

In Japan, it is allowed to drive a “Left hand drive” or “Right hand drive” vehicle. Because of this, There plenty of left hand drive car enthusiasts in Japan whom often buy and sell their left hand drive vehicles! There are plenty of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi left hand drive in the Japanese Car Auction.

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