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  • ヤフオク (Yahoo! Japan Auction)
  • Japanese official Used Car Auction
  • Japanese famous Used Car Site

Yahoo Auctions, sometimes shortened to Yafuoku, is the largest Japanese web auction portal. Over 30 million auctions take place on this website every day. If you are looking for Japanese used cars, you will surely find them here.


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At one time, used vehicle auctions used to be held using hand signals.
USS quickly introduced information technology (IT) to such used vehicle auctions, creating a fair and efficient "USS Auto Auction," which eliminates people's self-serving traits. Then, we added a "Globe Network" service, which utilize satellites, and an Internet-based "Internet Live" service. Thus, USS provides the largest, convenient used vehicle auction service in Japan, which can be accessed from anywhere in the country.

USS Auto Auction is the largest used vehicle auction in Japan, with a market share of 35%(January~December 2019 Results is 39.0%) or more. A USS Auto Auction is held everyday nationwide. The auction flow, from the carrying in of vehicles for sale to the procedures taken after contracts have been completed, is very smooth.


Toyota Auto Auction x Chubu Auto Auction.


Toyota Auto Auction is most trusted and certified name in the market of Japan Auto Auctions. They are dealing with best and latest Toyota Vehicles available in all budget range. TAA auction houses are Located in most popular regions of Japan, making desired vehicles easily accessible for the Japan Car Exporters.

Toyota is known for maintaining quality standards and they are world leaders in terms of automobile manufacturing. Toyota Auto Auctions provides high-quality vehicles with complete & proper inspections to maintain their goodwill and trust among the buyers.


Chubu Auto Auctions working philosophy is prosperity of members along with development of the used car industry through consistent, fair and precise auto auction management. Chubu Auto Auction is strict and one of the most popular auction house that only deals in Japan Used Cars. Their Strictness implies customers trust for providing durable, reliable and top quality vehicles. Despite the popularity and a good customer base, CAA has only four venues in Japan where dealers from the domestic market of Japan and also from the international market participate in the online auctions on a regular basis.

Goo net
 (Goo-net) is, 1977, first published as a "used car information and communication", after the goo (magazine , formerly known as: Goo) and long-established of which became Japan of used car search site . Operated by PROTO CORPORATION . Goo-net is a site that covers information related to cars.

Vehicle search and the latest car information are posted, and information related to car life in general can be browsed. Web services related to cars such as imported cars, parts, vehicle inspections and maintenance such as Goo World, Goo Parts, Goo Pit, etc. related to Goo Net are also open to the public. Currently, information on about 400,000 used cars is posted on the Goo-net site.

Goo-net is independently implementing a Goo appraisal service that evaluates the condition of used cars. A professional appraiser from a third-party organization checks and appraises the four items of exterior, interior, engine, and repair history. There are five evaluation criteria for the exterior and interior, which are indicators of the condition of used cars that are often overlooked from the outside.

Goo-net used car is the largest car portal site in the industry, boasting about 400,000 registered used cars with full of information what customers are looking for.

Everybody can easily search for used car prices of popular manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, and imported cars. In addition, can search by body type such as wagon and sedans etc.. also being able to see the latest car catalogs. Moreover, provides full of useful information such as car ranking, reviews, insurance, car inspection, purchase procedure and assessment to support overall car life.

For those who want to stick to the quality of the car, they recommend the Goo appraisal car appraised by a professional appraiser.


First used car information magazine & site in Japan

Launched as the first used car information magazine with information page format and index
Until then, there was only a booklet-like thing like a collection of leaflets, but in consideration of readers' readability, the information page has been changed to a unified format. In addition, an index with excellent searchability is introduced at the same time. Since then, it has become the standard for used car information magazines.

Display mileage, the presence or absence of repair on all cars
For the first time, this magazine has introduced the display of the mileage of all cars, which is indispensable for such "selecting a used car with peace of mind".

Along with the mileage that began to be displayed on all cars in 1997, the presence or absence of repair history is indispensable for "selecting a used car with peace of mind." In the car sensor, based on the rules of the Automobile Fair Trade Council, the presence or absence was displayed for the first time in the used car information magazine & site.

Started certified car service that allows you to select used cars with confidence in quality evaluation
Many users looking for a used car are worried about the quality of the used car and feel that the used car dealers are "not properly labeled". In order to eliminate such concerns, we have introduced a quality evaluation posting service that utilizes vehicle inspections by AIS, a third-party inspection specialist organization that has the No. 1 track record of inspections in the used car industry for car sensor certification. In this way, we aim to realize a safe and reliable selection of used cars.

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How to Ship Your Car?

There are two options shipping to your country.
By container shipping and Ro-Ro(roll-on/roll-off) vessels shipping which depends on types of cars and various conditions.

#1. Container ship
with 40ft container

The legal cargo weight limit for a 40ft container in Japan is of 26,000kg. It is the ideal container for loading 4 cars. The characteristics of this container size are as follow.

Tare weight

Payload capacity

Internal length

4,150 kg

26,330 kg

12.022 m

9,150 lbs

58,050 lbs

39.3 ft

Internal width

Internal height

Door opening height

2.352 m

2.7 m

2.585 m

#2. RO-RO Vessels Shipping

Roll on-Roll off or Ro-Ro vessels can come in many forms including vehicle ferries and cargo ships carrying truck trailers, but the major type used for the transport of road vehicles is the car carrier. These slab-sided vessels feature multiple vehicle decks comprising parking lanes, linked by internal ramps with access to the shore provided by one or more loading ramp.

Cargo capacity of such vessels is measured in Car Equivalent Units (CEU) and the largest car carriers afloat today have a capacity of over 6,000 CEU.

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In Japan, it is allowed to drive a “Left hand drive” or “Right hand drive” vehicle. Because of this, There plenty of left hand drive car enthusiasts in Japan whom often buy and sell their left hand drive vehicles! There are plenty of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi left hand drive in the Japanese Car Auction.

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