Zebra Sarasa study ballpoint pen (piece)

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Zebra Sarasa study ballpoint pen (piece)

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Say Goodbye to Smears and Smudges. Say hello to proven faster drying ink – perfect for organizing and creativity.

Is there such a thing as a smear-proof gel pen with a vibrant color payoff?  Yes!  Check all the boxes with this high performing colored gel pen that features smooth ink flow, fast-drying qualities, comfortable grip, wide barrel, and retractable feature.  Featuring industry-leading fast-dry ink and smear-proof technology, Sarasa retractable gel pens are ideal for avid writers, lefties, and those who just can’t wait to make their point.

Ballpoint pen suitable for learning

(1) Since you can check the decrease in the amount of ink on the graduated core, you can visualize the amount of study. The amount of study = how hard you worked, you can feel the sense of accomplishment and continue every day.
(2) Writing with an indelible ballpoint pen improves concentration and prevents mistakes.
③ With the effect of repeated practice of writing, you can accumulate the ability to quickly fill in the answer column every day.

With the endorsement of the cram school

This product has been endorsed by learning professionals such as W Waseda Seminar, Z-kai, Best Gakuin Shingakujuku, Terakoya Group, Oshu Juku, Kitakyushu Preparatory School, and Renseikai Group, which are major cram schools.

Gel Ink

Scratch-free writing. Water-based Ink:After drying, ink color becomes long lasting and waterproof. The Zebra Sarasa is a classic retractable gel ink rollerball with smooth writing ink. Dries in seconds making it particularly suitable for left-handed writers.

Binder Clip

An adjustable clip that be attached to a thick, hard-to-fold board or cloth.

Ecology commodity

SARASA is manufactured from recycled materials.