Zebra sarasa 2+S ballpoint pen 3 in1


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Zebra sarasa 2+S ballpoint pen 3 in1

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Multi-functional with one

A multi-color, multi-function pen that can use 3-color gel ink or 2-color gel ink + sharp with one pen.
Knock type for smooth switching. It is very convenient for meetings and going out.

Smooth and smooth ink

As it is a gel ink, it has a smooth and smooth writing taste.
Since it is a water-based pigment with excellent water resistance and light resistance, it can draw clear lines without bleeding and can be used for official documents.

Binder clip

By adopting a movable binder clip, it can be clipped on a thick board, etc. to reduce clip breakage.

Prevents ink from seeping out

Even if you inadvertently put the pen tip in your pocket, the pocket safe mechanism will return the pen tip. (Sarasa 3 / Sarasa 2 + S only) (Depending on the conditions such as the thin pocket material, the pen tip may not return even if it is clipped.)