uni Uniball R:E2 ballpoint pen



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uni Uniball R:E2 ballpoint pen

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Brand : Mitsubishi uni

Condition : New

Equipped with erasable ink and can be rewritten any number of times.

It is equipped with “heat erasable ink” and has the property of becoming colorless when heat of 60 ° C or higher is applied.

The frictional heat generated by rubbing the drawn line with a special eraser at the knocking part causes a chemical change that makes the ink colorless, so it can be erased and rewritten many times.


Easy to erase with special eraser equipped with “lock mechanism”

When writing, you can knock smoothly by pointing the pen tip downward, just like a general knock ballpoint pen.
When erasing, simply turn the shaft upside down to activate the built-in “lock mechanism” and fix the eraser, so it can be erased firmly.

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Weight 13.3 g
Dimensions 18.3 × 10 × 138 mm