uni Uniball R:E open clip ballpoint pen 0.38mm / 0.5mm



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uni Uniball R:E open clip ballpoint pen 0.38mm / 0.5mm

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[Uni-Ball R:E (Early)] Erasable ballpoint pen with “Heat Erasable Ink”

[Model] Models with movable open clips.

erasable gel ink pen,unit ball and the player.

pen and chest pockets for storage and to”open clip in”type.

thin paper also hold. Usually the clip compared to the clip of the clamping force is strong, plain paper, 1 sheets, or fabric such as a thin even hold you.

thick sandwiching to. Clip the maximum open width is 5. 4mm, the thickness of the(notebook the cover and Board, etc.) so you can tuck that. Movable in the clip, fold it to reduce.

a durable clip. Movable opening of the clip is made from durable, 10 million times across the not. (※Our test data)


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Weight 12.6 g
Dimensions 11.4 × 145.8 × 18 mm