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uni NanoDia refils

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“Low wear” and “dark lines”

The uniform and dense alignment of graphite provides low wear and crisp, dark lines.

The writing taste is smoother than the conventional product while maintaining the strength of the core.

In the conventional product, since the graphite particles are in close contact with each other, friction between the particles occurs, which causes the smoothness to be reduced.
With “Uni NanoDia,” we were able to reduce friction between particles and achieve a smooth writing taste by uniformly blending nanodiamonds between graphite particles. Approximately 400 million nanodiamonds are mixed in each 60 mm core.

The case is a two-stage sliding type, making it easy to remove the core.

Uses a clear translucent case. Along with the asymmetrical design, it is eye-catching in stores. In addition, the lid is a two-step slide type, and the number of cores to be taken out can be adjusted depending on how it is opened.


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