uni Jetstream PRIME ballpoint pen (SXN-2200)



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uni Jetstream PRIME ballpoint pen (SXN-2200)



■ Highly convenient knock-type
single model This is a black ink single model that is ideal for business people who use one color of ink for heavy use.
We have adopted a highly convenient knock type instead of the rotary type that requires two-handed operation, which is often found in traditional high-priced products.

■ Achieves a stable writing feeling with an appropriate weight feeling Since the  front shaft is made of brass and the rear shaft is made of stainless steel, an appropriate weight is added to the pen tip side, and a stable writing feeling can be obtained. 

■ Sophisticated silhouette and high-class coloring We have a lineup of 5 colors with high-quality paint finish on a smooth silhouette that expresses smoothness, which is common to the “Jet Stream Prime Series”. 

■ High-class operability that is particular about knocking feeling In  order to realize high-class smart operation, it is designed to have a softer knocking sound and knocking feeling than the conventional knock-type ballpoint pen. Even at important meetings and business meetings, you can operate it smartly without worrying about the knocking sound.


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