uni Highlighter PROPUS WINDOW Basic / Light / Smoke 5colors




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uni Highlighter PROPUS WINDOW Basic / Light / Smoke 5colors

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  • There is a window at the pen tip, so it does not protrude! The “PROPUS WINDOW” series features a pen core with a window, which is a feature of the series. Characters can be seen while drawing the line, so you can clearly mark without protruding from where you want to draw the line.
  • A lineup of 15 colors that can be selected according to tastes and applications! A total of 15 colors, each of 5 colors, each of 3 types: basic color with well-defined color, light color of soft and gentle color, smoke color of calm and calm color
  • Thin, ultra-fine nib suitable for writing letters! By changing the core to a finer (0.4mm) plastic pen core, it can be used not only for underlining, but also for character writing, as a marking pen and as a color pen for character writing.

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