uni Hi Uni pencil 10H~10B (dozen)



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uni Hi Uni pencil 10H~10B (dozen)

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Introduced in 1966 and originally designed by Yoshia Akioka, the Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni is the crown jewel of the Mitsu-bishi pencil product line. The design details are impeccable and incredibly detailed with no part of the pencil overlooked.

The Hi-Uni is special, also, because it comes in a range of 22 different hardnesses! If you’re unfamiliar, the hardness of a pencil determines the graphite to clay ratio in its lead. The softer the pencil, the more graphite the pencil contains (darker, smudgier, smoother, messier). The harder the pencil, the less graphite the pencil contains (sharper, lighter, firmer).

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