Tombow Irojiten Color pencil set

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Tombow Irojiten Color pencil set

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You will find the color you are looking for.
100 colored pencils in a book-shaped package.

“Original 100 colors” representing the colors of nature.
It is fun just to look at them. This unabridged dictionary of colors gives you the pleasure of possessing it.

Available in 100 colors

Enjoy the 100 unique colors inspired by nature.

Colors named after things in nature

Colors such as “King Fisher,” “Shell Pink,” and “Dandelion” are named after attractive animals and plants in nature.

Book-shaped packaging

Organized by tone with 10 colors each. Ideal for gifting.

Smooth core

The core ensures well-balanced writing and drawing.


Precaution for Use

· When sharpening a pencil, avoid pushing it hard against the sharpener or making the tip too sharp to prevent the core from breaking.
· Place the case back in the sleeve to store after use.
· Be careful handling the pencil when it is sharpened.
· Be careful handling the pencil when sharpened. Do not use it for purposes other than sharpening pencils.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing and drawing.
· Do not use the mini sharpener for purposes other than sharpening pencils.

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