Pilot Juice Up ballpoint pen (10 set / 6 set)


Manufacturer Pilot
Body Color Black, Silver, White
Body Material Plastic
Capped or Retractable Retractable – Top Button
Clip Material Plastic
Clippable Yes


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Pilot Juice Up ballpoint pen (10 set / 6 set)

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A deluxe version of the classic Juice, the Juice Up features a number of exciting improvements:

  • Ink: The Juice Up features even smoother-flowing ink than the original. Like the original Juice, the Juice Up uses water-based pigment ink, giving it great waterproofness and fade-resistance.
  • Tip: The Juice Up uses a unique “synergy tip,” which combines the precision of a needle point with the durability of a conical point.
  • Body: The Juice Up sports a sleek and stylish new body. Notable features include the comfortable grip section and a colorful indicator in the top push button that lets you see at a glance if the tip is extended or retracted. The body has a low center of gravity, making the pen easy and comfortable to control.

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