Pilot FRIXION FINELINER Erasable Marker Pens




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Pilot FRIXION FINELINER Erasable Marker Pens

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Equipped with newly developed “Plapen tip” The plastic chip newly developed for “friction ink” is strong and hard to crush, and can write it with the same line width from the beginning to the end. The handwriting width is a modest fine writing that does not collapse even if you write letters according to the voice that “the ballpoint pen is thin and unsatisfactory” and “the color pen (middle letter) is too thick”, and the illustration is too thin. It is possible to write repeatedly in the place where it was erased.

  1. Pilot’s patented ink technology.
  2. Writing, erasing and rewriting: Use the FRIXION rubber brush at the end of the pen barrel to generate heat or heat to a temperature of 60°C or above, so that the thermal ink that has been written becomes transparent.
  3. The ink will reproduce at a temperature of minus 10°C or below.
  4. No traces will be left, and no debris will be produced.
  5. The ink supply system adopts the newly developed nip and capillary action principle, which makes the ink output stable and easier to use.
  6. Ink color: with pen barrel color
  7. It is only suitable for paper products, not suitable for placing in high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight, or for examination or signing any documents.