Pentel Fude touch brush pen (set)

  • Water-based dye ink is smooth flowing
  • Unique, durable tip produces brush-like strokes
  • Lines can be thick to thin
  • Ideal for calligraphy
  • ACMI Certified


*MOQ(Min. Order) : 10 Sets



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Pentel Fude touch brush pen (set)

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A pen tip that is easy to apply strength

Add a touch of brush to the long-selling Pentel felt-tip pen.

Write finely

If you relax and write quickly, you can draw fine lines beautifully.

Write thick

You can draw a thick line by pressing the pen tip with force.


If you write a combination of thick and thin lines, you can draw lines with intonation.

With 2 colors

If you apply a dark color to a light-colored nib and then write, you will get a beautiful gradation.

Enjoy the shade

After writing the letters, trace only the upper half several times to create a gradation of shades.


You can easily fill in detailed illustrations.