Pentel Dual Metaric brush pen



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Pentel Dual Metaric brush pen

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Writing on black paper changes the color!

You can see two kinds of colors at the same time, the brightly colored “dye ink” and the generous amount of “lame pigment”.
Writing on dark paper will make the color of the glitter pigment stand out more.

For accents of illustrations and letters!

Since it is a pen tip of a brush, you can freely move from small parts to wide surfaces. You can enjoy various expressions with one.


Vivid color even on dark paper

If you draw on dark paper, the glitter of glitter will stand out. You can also enjoy gradation by adding the tips to each other and mixing the colors.

For coloring illustrations

Since it is a brush-type tip, you can apply it cleanly from a wide surface to small parts. Watercolor expression using a water brush is also possible.

Add sparkle to your notebook

Color the headline of your notebook or use it as a point to create a beautiful finish with an eye-catching sparkle.

Gorgeous production of festive scenes

The gorgeous glitter is perfect for celebrations and thank-you scenes. Depending on how you use it, you can arrange it in either Japanese or Western style.